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About The Author

Who Is Candy Custard?

Me! Hi, I'm Candy. 


I'm a WAM producer and sometimes model with 15 years experience. For over 10 of those years I hosted a bonkers amount of wam sessions (3 or 4 a week) and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do so.







I learned a lot in the process, mainly by failing, trial and error and guesswork. 


How It Started


I have always loved getting messy but never had the chance until I left my ex in 2007.


I started off self sploshing and posted a few pictures on the Splosh! forum. As a result I was invited to the legendary Splosh! Studios with Bill Shipton and I modelled for his download stores. Then, I started offering messy sessions in my (thankfully large) bathroom. The house was rented so I needed to get very good, very quickly at leaving no trace of my messy activities.

My Mission


I want to help others get it right first time by sharing my knowledge. The next 'me' is out there somewhere, someone who can offer and host sessions in the same way I did, and I want her to be able to read this blog and have an easier time than I did. I also want all of you to be more confident in having fun and not have to worry about the clean up.


Present Day

I have a purpose built studio in the UK countryside with a gunge tank, deep pools and loads of equipment and I have a grand old time filming other models and sometimes myself for my download stores. I've won five Messtival awards including best comedy WAM film and lifetime achievement.


I don't offer sessions anymore due to personal limitations but I still hope to bring them back one day. I'm also working very hard to earn more and be able to splurge a bigger budget on my messy video content, hiring multiple models again for bigger productions.


Your support is important and appreciated, and all goes back into making mucky magic!


I hope you find all the articles useful - go have fun!


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