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A Small Sabbatical

Hi all - no full blog post this week, and no messy video release. It's my birthday on June 10th in a couple of days, my daughter has just had an operation (a benign tumour thankfully) and my dad is still suffering with some complications from his oesophagus cancer treatment and op.

I'm also trying to have a little less screen time due to general burnout and trying to avoid the migraines with aura that seem to come with stress and lots of video editing and writing.

I hope to be back next week with the usual content. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and each other, stay hydrated and maybe check out my buy one get one free sales (ending June 10th!)

Thanks for your support and patience during these continued crappy times.

If anyone wants to buy me a pint for my birthday, or sling me a little something towards future shoots, I have a lovely wishtender thingy set up here for tips

And as always Macmillan are wonderful if you need support yourself or want to support them, find out more here

Apologies for the serious rather than silly post - have some eye bleach on me x

cute dogs
Eye bleach

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1 Comment

Mark Short
Mark Short
Jun 08, 2023

Take care of yourself and enjoy the family time x

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