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An Interview About My WAM Life

Updated: Apr 29, 2023


I was recently contacted by an Italian Journalist who had some questions about sploshing, my approach to it, sessions and producing wam content.

Obviously there is much more to it all than just these answers, and many topics discussed here will have their own in depth articles written at some point, but I thought these basic questions and quick answers might be interesting for my regular readers, so here it is!

candy custard as the taskmesstress holding a pie
Pic from the latest new series, Taskmesster. Click & go to my messy video blog to see the trailer!

1) How would you describe yourself and what you do in a few words (so that I can introduce you properly)?

Hi, I'm Candy Custard, producer of video content, blogger and sometimes model, catering to the wet and messy fetish (or sploshing) community for the last 15 years or so.

2) I read your bio on your website, but could you tell something more about how you came to acknowledge your interest in WAM and sploshing and about how you went from that to organizing sessions and producing WAM content?

It's something that has always been there for me, starting more as a fascination in childhood, and then becoming more sexual as I got older. In around 2006 I saw a British producer of WAM content on television, with some models who were getting messy with food items and for the first time I knew I wasn't alone. I looked up his website and found this whole community but I wasn't brave enough to join in yet.

My ex husband never wanted to indulge, so when we divorced in 2007 I took the leap and joined the Splosh! Forum. I got messy by myself and posted some pictures of my fun solo session, and from there I got invited to model for other producers and people asking if I would do sessions (getting other people messy or getting messy with them).

I realised this was something I could offer and would love to do, so I said yes and began to advertise it. It was just fun and I had no idea it would snowball into a whole career.

3) If you feel comfortable answering this: what role does sploshing play in your life and in your relationships?

Sploshing has been a huge part of my life for 15 years, firstly as fun and a way to express myself and enjoy my freedom, and then as a career. I began just posting my own pics, then became a model and offered in person sessions, then started my download video store and got more into producing content. I feel very lucky!

I've been with my current partner for 10 years, and we met at a 'splunch' which is a made up word, squishing together the words 'sploshers' and 'munch'.

Sploshers are people who enjoy the act of getting messy, and munch is a term used in the BDSM community for meet ups, usually in a pub, café or restaurant where people with similar fetish interests get together, meet, talk, have a drink and a meal. There isn't any sploshing involved as it is in public, but it's nice to meet other people who enjoy the same things. Anyway, that's where I met my partner.

Sploshing is involved in our love life sometimes, but the dynamic I most appreciate is that he is incredibly supportive of my work, and deeply understands everything I do in a way that people who don't have the fetish might find difficult, even when they are accepting, non-judgmental and even if they find it fun.

4) I found your blog very interesting. What do you think is the most important advice you can give regarding sploshing? Is there a food you’d recommend to someone that was just starting out and is there a peculiar one that you’d recommend to someone experiencing looking for something new? Do you have a personal favourite?

I think the most important advice I would give is to be safety conscious, guarding against slips, trips and falls because a lot of messy substances can be quite slippery. I would advise anyone who wants to try sploshing to read my blog articles first so you understand what is needed to be safe and also how to clean up the aftermath easily, as some things can be quite difficult or leave lingering odours, and I wouldn't want that to put anyone off trying it.

I include a lot of safety advice, like keeping a phone nearby that can be voice activated to call emergency services, especially if you are sploshing alone, or combining messy activities with bondage.

The easiest substance to start with is probably pourable custard, but I recommend using a vegan version of it to avoid the smell of 'off milk' afterwards. Gunge or slime is also easy and fun, and can be purchased ready mixed, and is one of the easiest to clean up.

My absolute favorites are custard, cake batter, spaghetti hoops, gunge and mud

5) Could you briefly explain how a session usually works (from people requesting it to how it is organized, etc., how much does it cost)? Is there a particular experience you want to share, for example your first session, or one that stood out for one reason or another, or one that went particularly wrong?

I'm not currently able to offer them (see the sessions page on my website for updates and other providers) But a person who wants a personal messy session will email me to book and we arrange it from there.

The most popular ones cost £500, but generally started at around £300 and went right up to £2000. There are many different kinds, from getting gunged in my gunge tank, which drops slime from overhead, to having something a little more like a pie fight/food fight, or covering each other in mess and then wrestling a little in a pool. Costs have in creased so much in recent times, that if I did offer them again the minimum would likely need to be £500.

Sometimes there might be roleplay, like pretending I'm their boss who is a bully, and they get the chance to get revenge on me by ruining my nice outfit and shoes with messy items. Or sometimes they prefer me to be the dominant one, and humiliate them by covering them in the messy stuff. The possibilities were endless.

6) Who usually requests sessions and what are their expectations?

All different people and different walks of life, in endlessly different careers. Usually men, sometimes women, and the most common type of sessions were using the gunge tank, where we might roleplay some kind of quiz show where they are gunged for wrong answers, or the food mess type where both of us just get messy and have fun.

I don't currently offer sessions due to some personal circumstances but I may do again in future at some point. When I did sessions regularly, their expectations usually only revolve around the type of mess, the amount provided and the roleplay scenario (if any) - there are not any expectations of sexual activity or contact for my sessions.

Other people who offer sessions have different limits though, for example some who are already full service sex workers will have very different rules and limits to others like me who prefer to keep it just about the mess, but even those who do offer sexual services as well will often be contacted by clients who are not seeking any kind of sexual service alongside their mess.

Many sploshers have partners and are too embarrassed to ask them to get messy, but they also don't want to cheat on them. Sometimes the partner knows but just doesn't want to get messy and gives their blessing for a session elsewhere. Some prefer to remain fully clothed, enjoying the sensations of filling clothes with mess, and nudity just isn't part of their fetish.

7) Could you write something about your work with models and WAM content and how important WAM content is for the community?

Producing my videos and filming other models getting messy is my biggest passion. I love choosing their outfits and the mess to go with it, and the scenario and trying to make everything fun for the model and the end result sexy for the customers who purchase the content.

Having been a model for this type of content and also having filmed myself solo, I feel I have a good understanding of ensuring the models comfort and enjoyment of her work on a filming day, and this shows in the end result.

I prefer filming others because I dislike editing hours of footage of myself, I get too self critical having to stare at myself for hours while I edit, and if I'm solely filming then I can get much more done in a day. It is too much hard work to set up, star in, film and clean up multiple messy scenes in one day when it is just me.

If I am behind the camera, then I don't have to keep showering and getting dressed, made up and ready again as well as all the setting up at the start, cleaning up between scenes and resetting up for the next scene (and then all the cleaning at the end too!)

8) What is the community like? Is it especially important that there is a community since, from what I’ve gathered from people, it is often difficult to engage in sploshing with your partner since the odds often are that they’re not that into it or it is difficult to feel free to discuss it with them?

Again there are many different people. Mostly everyone is very kind and friendly, non judgmental types, accepting of all walks of life and often have partners who indulge in messy activities with them. Some are too shy to broach the subject, and some are ashamed of themselves and sometimes even go into denial about it.

The community is a wonderful thing to have, and I think it's very important. For example, there is a website called where there are many forums, where we can all talk about anything, related to sploshing or not, and find like minded people, arrange meet ups. There is a group specifically to talk about mental health and loneliness that is experienced by some of the more shy members of the community.

There are also producers' stores integrated into the website, so we can sell and advertise our content directly to the groups of people most interested in whatever type of messy content we are producing, and all the producers can talk to each other and share knowledge and ideas. Amateurs can also share their own photos if they want to and tell everyone about the fun they have been having, or a problem they experienced, or ask any questions. Anything really.

It's very beautiful and human. There are a few members now and then who are not so nice, but they tend to be very rare and the site has good ways to deal with or block them.

9) Do you feel that splosh involving food is more about the sensory experience, the substance quality, or it is important that it is something that is usually meant to be eaten?

It's more about the sensory experience, or imagining what the model is feeling. Some people do only like to get messy with or view content with one kind of mess, like food items, or gunge or mud, but many don't really mind.

It can be important to mix things up correctly or have the right setting though - for example, outdoor mud is more popular than having mud indoors in a pool. It can be important to mix up your gunge correctly so that it is not lumpy, or too thick or thin/runny.

And it can add to the experience - like an added sense of rebellion if you are elegantly or smartly dressed and get covered in mess, or use an unusual food or one that is perceived as gross or disgusting, like many savoury foods like spaghetti, baked beans, mayonnaise, gravy etc.

10) For you, does sploshing influence or have any connection with your relationship with food in general?

That's a really interesting question that I've never been asked before. I don't think it does, no... and it's also not something I've heard anyone in the community talk about. For me it is about the sensory experience and the sense of rebellion which is hard to explain, but it's kind of a feeling of freedom.

I guess it comes from the sense of it being somehow naughty or something you are not supposed to do. It's also fun and silly - fun is very important in life. Vital, in fact.

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Mark Short
Mark Short

I have never even enquired about a session as i’ve fortunately found a female who enjoys getting messy but i can understand the costs. A lovely interview


Just brilliant, interesting to see how much a session would cost in this day and age and so fascinating to learn a bit more about Candy herself.



interesting interview

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