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WAM & Sploshing Fun With Tar & Feathers! Preparation & Cleaning Full Guide

Preparing A Tar & Feather Style Sploshing

For the treacle, this cheap molasses version is what I use. Golden or glucose syrup would also work, and so would marshmallow fluff.

I have separate articles written about each of those things, and recommend you refer to those for advice about each one. Here's the link to the treacle and syrups article, and here's marshmallow fluff.

I don't recommend using PVA glue or any other glue - it just isn't sticky enough, and anything that is will likely have too high a VOC or solvent content and potentially be dangerous. For this reason, I don't recommend using any actual tar either.

For the feathers, use pillows with feathers. You can cut them open, or sometimes you can find feathers sold in a big bag as pillow stuffing.

If all you want is the humiliating effect of looking silly, then to make it cheaper you could use treacle and cereal, for a similar sticky/dry combination.

Cleaning Up A Tar & Feather WAM Session

Body, Skin & Hair

First deal with the feathers. Pick them off your body and put them aside for disposal later, or use a drain cover for baths and showers to catch them if you shower them off so that they don't block your plughole or drains.

Once the feathers are dealt with, you are left with the treacle or other sticky substance to wash off. Don't worry about that - sugar is water soluble and it will just dissolve with warm water. Just give it enough time under a warm shower, and use lots of shower gel and a mesh bath puff or loofah.

For the full guide to cleaning up treacle and sticky things, I have a whole article about it here, so do give that a click and follow the advice there.

Sticky Pool Cleaning Guide

Like with your body and hair, the first step will be dealing with the feathers and making sure they will not block your drains. Do that first.

I also recently wrote an even more in depth guide to pool cleaning with step by step instructions from prep to finish, and my thoughts on wet/dry vacuums and lining the pool with plastic. To read that, go here and don't forget to combine it with the advice from the treacle and sticky things article.

Tar, Feathers & Drains - Cleaning Baths & Showers

I always recommend avoiding use of a bath or shower for sploshing where possible due to limited space and the need to clean the bath before cleaning yourself.

In the case of tar and feather sploshing, it's even more important to avoid it.

Feathers can block the drain quite badly.

It's more comfortable and pleasant to keep the bath or shower available too, especially if you have guests or a playmate for a session (keep the loo available to use!)

How To Avoid Using The Bath - Better Options

Baths don't make a great splosh area really, especially not for tar and feathering.

Instead, set up a pool, inflatable massage mat or even a makeshift messy nest elsewhere. What I mean by 'messy nest' is an improvised area for wam. I use layers of good plastic and prop it up around the edges with rolled blankets or towels, somewhere with more space to surround myself with messy session items.

If you decide to make a messy nest as described above, make sure to use heavy grade 125mu + polythene or the plastic will bunch up, float around and stick to you a lot (kinda kills the mood!) That thin, floaty kind of plastic is best for the walls, as long as there is enough space that you won't brush up against it and have it stick to you that way.

Can't Splosh Anywhere Else?

If you really have to use the bath then make sure the plug is in situ, and scrape out the treacly and feather mess (or at least the feathers) into buckets before using any water to clean yourself or your bath.

If any mess gets dried on, use a long lasting bathroom mousse/spray or leave a wet cloth on top of the mark to help soak it off.

I like this bathroom mousse which is really good on sticky or starchy items, paint pigments, sugary items and more and I use a scrub daddy for any stubborn areas. A stiff bristled brush can also work well to help it along.

As mentioned before, here's another fave of mine, the inflatable massage mat (usually the size of a double bed and easier to clean than a high sided pool)

Caution: Drains & Plugholes

Do your best to keep all feathers well away from the drain, because they can really block it heavily and drain unfucker will not dissolve them.

If you block the drain with the black treacle or syrupy sticky substance used to stick the feathers on often used in a tar and feather scene, you likely only need to keep running hot water, or even boil a kettle of water and pour that down the drain. If all else fails, a 15 minute drain unblocker will likely resolve the problem. The one I always keep available just in case is linked above.

Just pour it through any standing water in the direction of the plug hole and leave it as long as possible... they claim 5 minutes but it can take up to 30.

Feather Blockage

If you block the drain with feathers, you will need to get them out manually because no chemicals will dissolve them. Use a drain snake - one of those spiky, flexible items used for clearing hair out of drains.

Cleaning Anything Else

For advice on cleaning floors, buckets, pools, etc please see my treacle article


For cleaning clothes and undies etc if they got tarred and feathered, same as with the other items, first of all remove all the feathers, or as many as you can before loading your washing machine. Then, follow the advice in the treacle article.

Who Am I?

And why do I know stuff?

Well, I'm a UK based WAM producer and sometimes model with 15 years experience. For over 10 of those years I hosted a bonkers amount of wam sessions (3 or 4 a week) and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do so... however I had to get very good at cleaning up quickly in the fairly small window of privacy I would get, and I had to leave no trace due to living in rented accommodation.

I also had to get inventive with substances and alternatives. I think all my trial and error experiments with WAM now mean there is literally nothing I haven't personally tried and in turn, there's nothing I haven't cleaned up either.

I love when other people go for it and enjoy getting messy, especially if it's because of something I did or said to encourage them. So if you're looking for a sign, this is it.. and with all my articles, I hope to give you the confidence to make your sessions bigger and messier and with a bonus of inner peace, knowing you can easily clean it all up too.

Please share these articles with your favourite wammers, models and content creators or any messy session providers and/or playmates to help give them an easier WAM life.

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Mark Short
Mark Short
Apr 07, 2023

Only really used golden syrup that was sticky which is amazing but always looks better when it is as cold as possible


Great article this week, Candy. I've never really used treacle or molasses for fear of never getting clean (strange thing for a splosher to say) however, I'm now intrigued and might just have to give it a go.

Also, that thing for taking hair out the drain, I didn't even know they existed, I'll be getting one of those.

Thank you! 😘

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