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Splosh Pool Cleaning Full Routine Plus Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

Using A Pool For WAM vs Bath/Shower

Welcome to this bonus post, inspired by a question asked on the umd messy forum about messy pool cleaning and wet/dry vacuums.

I've gone over pool cleaning in all my blog posts, but I've realised I never write it out in full detail with all the ideal steps clearly laid out.

I avoid sploshing in baths because it can be dangerously slippery and limiting for sploshing, you have to move all your toiletries or they get messy too, there's not much space to store the items you will use and you have to clean the bath before you can get yourself clean, and depending on what you are using, it risks blocking the drain.

A bath is fine for a few cartons of custard or one or two buckets worth of gunge but I still think you'll have more fun if you go for it and use an inflatable pool.

By not using the bath for your wam you can also get yourself clean or clean ish first and it's safer with more space. This is vastly my preference, especially if you are really going for it with lots of substances or large amounts.

If you're using smaller amounts but still want to avoid using the bath, one of those massage mats with inflatable sides is a great option. I also love inflatable baths as well as large pools.

I recommend this method even if you are sploshing in a hotel - full guide to that here.

Wet & Dry Vacuums - Any good for WAM?

Yes and no. Wet/dry vacuums are pretty awful for wam in very large amounts or in pools. - I've tried 2 or 3 different ones and found them just not worth it.

One had 5 litre capacity, - just means you're emptying it to flush the stuff away even more often than if you'd scooped leftovers into a 10 litre bucket.

The 5 litre capacity would fill in under a second and it was really frustrating and took ages.

One had 10 litre capacity, but again same capacity as a bucket, so I don't know why I bothered... and then you have to clean the vacuum as well.

It can get pretty determined to suck up your pool sometimes too if that's what you're trying to clean. Very annoying as it will cut out as though it is blocked.

It was ok on a hard floor, but then you still have to clean the vacuum and the very last remnants off the floor to get rid of any residue, so I still prefer a pool and the method below.

A wet/dry vacuum would be good for say 5 to 10 litres of goop on a hard floor but then... what's the point? That would take you under a minute to scoop up yourself and then you avoid having the vacuum itself to clean as well.

My Full Messy Pool Prep & Cleaning Routine

To explain how I developed and decided on this process, I'm used to using between 100 and 500 litres of mess in a pool.

My legendary asploshalypse sessions sometimes involved 30 x 14 litre buckets of varying messy stuff like gunge, porridge, treacle, custard etc - plus up to 150 other items like cartons, tins, cakes etc depending on the session and what was requested.

This method is great for any amount really, but it definitely makes large amounts of stuff and cleaning huge messes a lot easier.

Here's my full method/process

1. Tarp as much as needed with lots of space to put things down outside the pool. Avoid cheap and flimsy dust sheets, they will just stick to you and everything and make it a nightmare.

2. Have an extra bucket of clean, HOT slightly soapy water and cleaning stuff, brush, cloths etc ready and near the pool - it doesn't need to be a full bucket, about 5 litres will do it (hot so that it's still warm when you come to clean with it later) Get this ready while you prepare your other stuff and leave it within reach.

3. Enjoy your wam fun in the pool (yay!)

4a. When finished, while still messy yourself, scoop leftovers into buckets and place them outside the pool onto some of your tarp space.

4b. I scoop by hand but you can also use a dustpan and a squeegee - just be careful of any sharp corners of the dustpan if you're intending to fully clean and save the pool for another time.

5. When the majority of the leftover gloop is safely stashed outside the pool, put the clean water into the pool, scrub around with scrubbing brush, then scoop all that dirty water out too and put it on the tarp with the other mess.

6. Keep the pool inflated still. Clean the sides of a pool with a cloth and some of the water or some cleaning spray (and possibly a scrub daddy or scrubbing brush depending on what mess you used)

7. Go get yourself clean and dry and comfy and put on some comfy clothes.

8a. Put down some towels if you left messy footprints and drips on your tarp.

8b. Empty your buckets/flush away the mess and run some water to clean the buckets in the bath - leave them to soak a little if needed. If you can't flush mess due to a septic tank system, I have advice regarding septic tanks etc on all my other blog posts.

9. Go back to the pool and spray it with antibacterial cleaner, and give it a final polish

10. Dry the pool really carefully with kitchen paper and leave it inflated to fully dry if possible

11. Throw away or clean, dry and store the tarps depending which kind you used.

Maria covered in chocolate mess
Maria demonstrates the dustpan method

I know that seems like a lot of work but I definitely find it the easiest way to be thorough, comfortable and save yourself a few headaches. Wet/dry vacuums are even more of a crappy faff and using the bath is really limiting, so I far prefer my way above with a pool.

And I think it's quite fun if you're prepared in advance to do it that way.

A bunch of my fave cleaning tools and things here

How About Lining The Pool?

Yeah, that's an option, but (there's always a but!) it can be hard to find a heavy enough grade plastic that is flexible to fit into the nooks and crannies as well as won't stick to you or float around and be annoying. I have been known to do it with 125mu polyethene, bought on a roll from eBay, but it's just an added expense that you don't really need. Cleaning the pool doesn't take that long, even if you're as insane as me and have 500 litres in there.

Lining the pool can also give you a false sense of security and leave you unprepared for when it slips - your pool gets messy anyway and you end up cleaning it fully anyway but with the added faff of now needing to clean yourself first so you can go and get a bucket of warm water and some utensils and cloths to clean the pool with, and if you forgot to scoop it out first you have to get back in and get messy again to do the scooping. That of course can be appealing sometimes, but if you've only just finished a long session you might not want that again immediately!

Throwing The Pool Away?

If you're throwing the pool away instead, then just scoop out enough mess that you can lift it easily to bag it up and dispose of it. It can still be helpful to clean the pool a little especially the outsides of the pool, then it won't get your bin bags messy when you are bagging it up.

If you can't flush mess, I have advice regarding septic tanks etc on all my other blog posts

Who Am I?

And why do I know stuff?

Well, I'm a UK based WAM producer and sometimes model with 15 years experience. For over 10 of those years I hosted a bonkers amount of wam sessions (3 or 4 a week) often with insane amounts of mess (and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do so...) however I had to get very good at cleaning up quickly in the fairly small window of privacy I would get, and I had to leave no trace due to living in rented accommodation.

I also had to get inventive with substances and alternatives. I think all my trial and error experiments with WAM now mean there is literally nothing I haven't personally tried and in turn, there's nothing I haven't cleaned up either.

I love when other people go for it and enjoy getting messy, especially if it's because of something I did or said to encourage them. So if you're looking for a sign, this is it.. and with all my articles, I hope to give you the confidence to make your sessions bigger and messier and with a bonus of inner peace, knowing you can easily clean it all up too.

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