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How To Vanquish The Smell Of Dairy After Sploshing - Essential WAM Advice

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

That Lingering Smell Of Dairy After Sploshing...

I know, gross right? Sometimes it even puts people off attempting to have some WAM fun, and that makes me sad. I don't want anyone missing out on the fun, so let me teach you how to obliterate it, and how to avoid it in the first place!

Getting messy with yogurt, cream, custard or anything containing milk always leaves behind that familiar unpleasant smell, but with 15 years of experience in WAM, and a crazy number of sessions and filming days I have finally, at long last become able to eliminate it at first go from anything.

I used to preach the magic of real lemons, and they absolutely do help, but I found that when storing clothes that smelled fine at first, when going back to them after storing, the dairy smell was there again.

After tons of experimentation, I have been able to rescue my dairy sploshed hair, body, clothes and items many a time with these methods. I'm confident that you can too.

a cartoon of a can of squirty cream
Candy Custard's Superb Sploshing Cream

Eliminating The Dairy Smell From Your Hair

What works best here is Original Source lemon shower gel (or make and use your own concoction using a decent percentage of lemon juice) Original Source tea tree is also good but can be a little too tingly and even sting for some people, so I generally advise the lemon version. Yes, I know this isn't shampoo, but it works, and you'll use your normal shampoo afterwards so that your hair can be soft again.

Step One

Rinse off the worst of the mess with just water (unless you have used only oily cream - then cover yourself in neat shower gel before getting wet and rub it in well)

Step Two

Really rub the shower gel into your scalp and all over your hair right to the ends. Use lots of it and leave it on for at least two minutes. Use this time to do the first scrub of your body.

Step Three

Rinse off and repeat the above

Step Four

Rinse off and now wash your hair again, this time using your usual shampoo and conditioner. Leave the conditioner on for as long as you can

Eliminating The Dairy Smell From Your Body

Step One

Rinse off the worst just with water, unless you have used very oily things like cream. For oily things, rub neat shower gel all over before you get wet.

Step Two

Use the same lemon shower gel as for your hair and use a bath puff or loofah on your body, and scrub all over at least three times.


Go carefully in your genital area, especially if you have a vulva/vagina - over scrubbing, over use of soap and douching will cause an imbalance and potentially a yeast infection. That's right - it's not wam substances that cause thrush, it's scrubbing too much or using too much soap.

I have a blog article all about vaginas and wam, so for more detailed information go and check that out

Step Three

Scrub all over again - this time with your usual shower gel or soap

Step Four

Check the often forgotten areas like ear crevices, backs of arms, flanks and backs of your legs/ankles.

Yes, this is lengthy, but if you want to make sure you don’t smell even faintly of dairy, then heed my words!


Do not use lemon essential oil without a carrier oil like sweet almond, as it will burn your skin. Maria and I still have scars from trying this! Stick to lemon juice or the all time fave, original source lemon.

Eliminating The Dairy Smell From Clothes And Items

You may be happy throwing everything away, or indeed need to throw everything away, but if you want to save clothes, immediately after your session, soak them for 24 hours in a bucket with a capful of biological laundry liquid or powder.

Your soaking water doesn't need to be hot. The most important thing to remove the smell is to use biological detergent for the soaking, NOT non bio.

If you have sensitive skin and need non bio, use the biological for the soak and for the first wash, and then use non bio a few times after that.

Even better, rinse the clothes off in the bath or shower first, squeeze them out well (make sure the water isn’t too hot to stop colour running) and then do the 24 hour soaking step.

If you are throwing anything away, triple bag it, securing it tightly with each layer. Just trust me on that one.

After soaking, give the clothes at least two 40c washes (hotter if you can, if you are confident the colours won’t run) with biological powder or liquid each time, and 50ml lemon juice added to the drawer with the laundry liquid.

If you don’t rinse or soak and squeeze out the items first, then remember, sploshed clothes are heavy. Consider splitting it all into two or more loads so you don’t overload your machine.

Wash towels separately at 60c, and soak them first too with biological laundry stuff if any dairy got on them.

Using a tumble dryer to dry clothes, or hanging them on a line out in the fresh air helps get rid of odours. I do have better and fresher results when I do this. Or line dry for the majority of the time and then just give the clothes 30 minutes in the dryer.

Lingerie, tights and stockings need the soaking as well, but be sure to put them in a mesh laundry bag (one for each item category) to prevent bra clasps from snagging your delicate items or other clothes. They can get in an awful tangle otherwise!

Wigs will also need a soak, and their own mesh laundry bag.

Your buckets, pool and other tools may need a little help too, and hot soapy water with lemon juice is your friend here too, or soak items in a bath of hot water with just a tablespoon of biological laundry detergent.


If you want to avoid dairy odours completely, there really is one simple trick, and a few other options.

Vegan replacements work really well. Alpro soya custard, vegan squirty cream, soy or oat yogurt, vegan trifles, cheesecakes, ‘milk’ shakes, cakes and ice cream are all available.

Or you could try using gunge/slime, mud, slube, porridge or ready brek (mixed up with water) melted chocolate spread, or cake batter. Items sploshed with these things will still need fairly careful washing, but you’ll be able to skip the 24 hours soaking step and avoid any dairy smell risk.

Follower recommendation - Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser Additive - this goes into the washing machine wherever you add your laundry liquid detergent. I have not tested this myself, and I still wouldn't skip the 24 hour soak, but you may be able to skip one of the additional washing machine cycles if you use this. I'll test it myself and update in future!


You can splosh with dairy, have fun and have no lingering smell! If you can't find any vegan or other alternatives, use very strong smelling shower gel on both hair and body, preferably original source lemon or anything with real lemon juice, leave it on for as long as you can, scrub, rinse and repeat. For clothes and towels, soak for 24 hours in biological laundry powder or detergent before repeating the wash cycle a few times.

You can always clean any substance off anything, and you can do it easily. You just need the right kit. With that in mind, I put together a whole page of all items I recommend and use myself in my studio and during personal WAM time. Join me in a more leisurely sploshing life!

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azure seale
azure seale
Dec 31, 2022

Thanks for yet another great bundle of tips that we all probably need


Outstanding article, the lingering smell of dairy products has always been an issue, while it seems simple and logical, I've never considered soaking clothing over night, I guess I've always just been keen to get the mess and my clothes cleaned as soon as possible. As always, inspirational and fabulous, thank you, Candy.

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