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Sploshing With 'Hard' Fats Like Butter, Lard & Coconut Oil & How To Clean It All Up

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Preparing Butter, Lard & Coconut Oil For WAM

This applies to any oily substance that hardens as it cools, they have similar melting points and solid states.

Butter tends to be sold in 250g blocks, and is solid when cold. Coconut oil is available in tubs and jars of various sizes and lard is sold in blocks like butter.

It’s near impossible to use these things for messy play unless they are warmed to around 23 to 25 degrees centigrade or 73 degrees Fahrenheit, at these temperatures they are soft but not melted. Below those temperatures it will be difficult to work with, and above those temperatures it will completely melt into liquid, so... you choose what kind of state you’d like it to be in.

If you choose soft but not melted, you’ll experience the butter melting once it hits your skin. Skin surface temperature tends to be around 32 to 35 degrees centigrade or 89 + degrees Fahrenheit, so it becomes liquid in contact with skin.

Don’t try to play with the butter, or coconut oil etc in a cold room, and don’t warm it up and then leave it prepared in a cold room or when you come to use it, it will be solid again

The exceptions to that rule are if you mix in some plain vegetable oil, kind of the same way companies make spreadable butter. This is similar to my advice on Nutella and other chocolate spreads, where you warm it up and then mix in some oil to ensure it stays a pourable consistency.

You can also do the above with making buttercream, or even make the buttercream/frosting entirely with icing sugar and runny vegetable oil instead of butter or harder fats. Brilliant for sploshing purposes.

Anyway, if you are using hard fats only, this presents some challenges with cleaning up, but never fear! All my advice for that is below.

Cleaning Up Hard Fats - Butter, Lard & Coconut Oils

If you want to get messy with butter but are worried about the cleaning - worry no more, I got you! This also applies to some margarines, coconut oil and lard, any oily substance that hardens as it cools.

The Main Rules

Butter hardens the colder it is, so when cleaning, be it yourself, your clothes, your hair, your pool, towels or buckets, try to keep everything warm, and emulsify it with the appropriate soap or detergent wherever possible. This is so it doesn’t solidify in your hair or on clothes or more importantly, in your drains.

Body, Skin & Hair


If you are covered in oil you must cover yourself in neat shower gel and rub it in well before getting wet in the shower. I highly recommend using warm water and those plastic loofahs or bath puffs, made of scrunched up plastic mesh for removing any mess from skin, or a soft bristled body brush. To get rid of the oiliness you’ll need a few passes of this method all over, rinsing off each time and doing it all again.

I also recommend having a mirror within your line of sight in the bathroom so you can visually check for any missed areas. Common areas I used to miss were backs of arms, flanks, backs of legs and ankles.


Thoroughly rub lots of shampoo on your hair BEFORE you get your hair wet, and ditto rub loads of soap or shower gel on your body. This helps emulsify, grab onto and remove the grease.

Let it sit for a minute or so, gently massaging. Then wash it off with lots of warm water, and you may need another 2 to 3 shampoos. Be sure to check the crevices of your ears as well!

Penny lee is pictured below sploshing with butter - thanks to EnglishNerd for the pic (it was from one of his customs)

beautiful model penny lee covered in butter sploshing
Penny Lee covered in butter

Cleaning Oily Items & Objects

Baths & Showers

I recommend avoiding use of a bath or shower for sploshing where possible due to limited space and the need to clean the bath before cleaning yourself.

It's more comfortable and pleasant to keep the bath or shower available (and the whole bathroom in case anyone needs the loo during your session or filming) and set up a pool or inflatable massage mat or even a makeshift messy nest elsewhere.

A messy nest is layers of good plastic propped up around the edges with blankets or towels with more space to surround yourself with your messy session items.

If you decide to make a messy nest as described above, make sure to use heavy grade 125mu + polythene, or the plastic will bunch up, float around and stick to you a lot (kinda kills the mood!)

Cleaning The Bath

If you really have to use the bath then for clean up, scrape out the excess and get that out the way ready for disposal later. Emulsify the residual fat with plenty of washing up liquid or liquid soap and a scrubbing brush or scrub daddy, and then rinse it away with plenty of hot water.

I found this cool short video explaining some of the reasons a scrub daddy is so good

You may still need to go over it again, and if so, I really like this bathroom mousse which is really good on oily residues, starchy items, paint pigments, sugary items and more and I use a scrub daddy for any stubborn areas. A stiff bristled brush can also work well to help it along.

If you block the drain, for oily things that harden when cold like butter and coconut oil you likely only need to keep running hot water, or even boil a kettle of water and pour that down the drain. If all else fails, a 15 minute drain unblocker will likely resolve the problem.

The easiest thing to use to avoid the whole bath situation is pictured below - the inflatable massage sheet as mentioned before. It's the width of a double mattress, and perfect for sploshing.

Cleaning Up Butter From Inflatable Pools

Small Pool

If it’s a small pool, you may be ok to remove and dispose of the excess, then give the pool a soak in the bath in lots of hot water with washing liquid added to it. I would suggest soaking it for at least 20 minutes, and setting a timer to go back to it so it doesn’t accidentally go cold and solidify again.

After soaking in hot soapy water, clean the pool with some fresh hot water, liquid soap and a scrub daddy. Then follow the advice above for cleaning a bath to get rid of the residue from the bath itself. Don't attempt this with a large pool, you'll regret it!

Large Pool

To clean a large pool you’ll need a lot of patience, hot water, a squeegee or plastic scraper, buckets, soap, cloths, towels and kitchen roll.

Before adding any water, scrape out the worst and set that aside to dispose of later. Then emulsify the leftover grease with washing up liquid and a soft bristled brush or a scrub daddy, scrubbing thoroughly over the entire surface area.

Wipe all that off with dry cloths, and then use clean tools to wash over the entire thing with hot soapy water.

Squeegee and scoop out the greasy water and repeat if needed, then dry very thoroughly, preferably by leaving it inflated and standing up against a wall, lined with kitchen roll at the bottom to catch any pooling water.

Then give it a rub over again with kitchen roll and a towel before attempting to store it (any moisture and it will go mouldy in storage)

Allow any excess that you scraped out to go cold, and then dump it into bin bags. Do not try to flush it under any circumstances!

Flushing The Leftovers

Nope! - Don't attempt flushing with butter or hard fats. Let it go cold and as solid as possible and scrape into bin bags, disposing in your usual household rubbish. Only flush the water you have used to clean the pool, and only then if it is well mixed and emulsified with washing up liquid/dish soap.

Cleaning Oily Clothes

To clean and save buttery clothes, first of all be careful with coloured clothes - you need hot water ideally and that can make any colours run, so for your session consider wearing only clothes you know are colourfast, white or pastel, or go naked!

Prepare a deep bucket of hot water with 30 to 40 ml laundry detergent and soak for 20 minutes - again set a timer so it doesn’t accidentally go cold. Then wring out as much water as possible and wash it through twice on a 60c cycle (or hotter)

If you can't do that then at a bare minimum separate out lights, coloured and darks into separate buckets and washing loads and wash on at least a 40c cycle

Underwear, Lingerie, Tights & Stockings

Follow the above laundry advice but put tights and lingerie items in their own zip up mesh laundry bags, separate from each other. It's especially important to keep them separate from bras or anything with clasps or fastenings, as they will get snagged, potentially twist and rip, and be difficult to untangle.

You could also keep them separate to hand wash on their own. Bras, teddies, babydoll nighties, basques etc all need their own zip up mesh laundry bags, or like with tights and stockings, keep them separate for thorough hand washing individually.

Due to the oiliness they will need extra detergent and careful attention, and likely several cycles of washing, rinsing and wringing out.

Sploshed Shoes

Use very warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Wash them in the sink as though you were washing dishes, but like with your hair, buckets and pool, get them covered in dish soap and rub it in well before getting them anywhere near water.

Stuff with newspaper or kitchen paper, and allow to dry away from direct heat. Some shoes, like trainers and ballet flats can be washed in the washing machine, safely zipped into a mesh laundry bag.


For wigs, hand washing is best. Use very hot water. Be very gentle and use shampoo twice, rinsing with hot water each time. Then liberally soak it with hair conditioner and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Brush it out gently with a wet brush. It's very gentle and good for head hair too.

Rinse thoroughly and wrap it in a towel, then apply pressure to dry it a little, do not rub it. Then keep away from direct heat to dry it, preferably hanging on something rounded to help it keep its shape, like a mannequin head.

Who Am I?

And why do I know stuff?

Well, I'm a UK based WAM producer and sometimes model with 15 years experience. For over 10 of those years I hosted a bonkers amount of wam sessions (3 or 4 a week) and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do so... however I had to get very good at cleaning up quickly in the fairly small window of privacy I would get, and I had to leave no trace due to living in rented accommodation.

I also had to get inventive with substances and alternatives. I think all my trial and error experiments with WAM now mean there is literally nothing I haven't personally tried and in turn, there's nothing I haven't cleaned up either.

I love when other people go for it and enjoy getting messy, especially if it's because of something I did or said to encourage them. So if you're looking for a sign, this is it.. and with all my articles, I hope to give you the confidence to make your sessions bigger and messier and with a bonus of inner peace, knowing you can easily clean it all up too.

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