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How To Make A Heated Pool For Sploshing & WAM Fun

Making A Heated Pool For Sploshing

Quite a few people over the years have asked how I heat my deep pools full of mud and gunge. I love to do this for the comfort of me or any models I may be filming and the process is pretty simple!

model Lottie Lalay in a deep pool of gunge
Lottie Lalay in the deep gunge

For the pool and pool area itself you will need:

  • An area bigger than the size of your pool, with access to a plug socket fairly nearby.

  • An Inflatable pool, deep ones like this are better for heating (shallow ones may dry out too quickly)

  • Mylar/foil blankets (usually sold in multipacks)

  • Fleece or wool blankets or a thin duvet (for padding and insulation)

For the lid you will need:

Some cardboard, some foam and some more plastic sheeting, and some good sticky gaffer/duct tape

Step By Step Guide

1) First of all I put down a layer or two of a foil/mylar blanket, to help prevent any of the heat going into the floor

2) Then I add a fleece blanket or thin duvet, and another mylar blanket on top of that

3) Then place an electric blanket or waterbed heater on that

4) Then a thin blanket or sheet (like a bed sheet)

5) Then a heavy grade polythene layer to ensure no moisture reaches the electric items (the blankets themselves and waterbed heaters are waterproof but I'd still rather be careful)

6) Then place and inflate the pool, positioning it so that the area that will get warm hits the right spot

7) Mix up whatever the substance is with warm water, so that you're not starting from freezing cold. I think gunge, mud and porridge are the easiest to source and mix in bulk amounts and I've linked to my mixing up and cleaning articles about them there. I've also made a giant pool full of shaving foam but that was much more difficult, as you'll see from the article about it. Whatever you're thinking of filling the pool with, I probably have a guide related to it, so do check out the rest of the blog.

8) Prevent drying out and keep some heat in by making and adding your lid

9) Add some towels rolled up around the edges, just to catch any drips

Making The Lid

To do this, use some strong cardboard larger than the surface of the goo in your pool, but not so large that it hangs over the edge. Use pretty firm cardboard with no bowing or bends or folds. Wrap it well in plastic and tape to stop the cardboard getting wet.

You could use a pool cover instead, but they can be pretty expensive and you need to make sure its the right size for your pool. If it's too big, condensation will drip off it and run down the sides of the pool onto your floor and potentially your blankets.

To help even further to keep some heat in and prevent drying out I sometimes put a mylar blanket touching the surface of the goop, whatever I've put in the pool (I've done porridge, mud and gunge so far)

Switch on the electric blanket about 2 hours before a session, and leave the lid on, stirring well after the first hour or so. Stir the goop again before you climb in to spread the heat around the pool.

Stirring might not be possible with thick mud. Mud tends to hold all the heat at the bottom, so you might need to wait until you are in it and effectively stir it with your body to distribute the warmth. It depends on your preference and how thick or liquid you have made it.

Gunge spreads the heat a little more, but can still do with a mix before use.

WAM Substance Freshness

Porridge goes off very quickly, and I don't recommend trying to keep it for more than a day.

Gunge and slime, depending on the type, you can maybe keep for a few days. Sometimes gunge keeps well, but if it does go off it smells absolutely vile, so if you are keeping a pool of gunge, you should keep checking and stirring it and giving it the sniff test - any hint of grossness and discard it straight away.

Mud I have kept for about 2 weeks. It will smell weird quite quickly, but nowhere near as bad as gunge or porridge when they go off.

Mud/clay still smells a bit weird to me after a few days even when I've added hot tub chlorine and similar in an attempt to keep it fresh. I know some people enjoy smelly mud though so if that's your thing then enjoy!

I have a full guide to using indoor mud here, if you need any pointers on mixing that up.

Pool Cleaning Guide

When you're done keeping your pool of stuff warm, I wrote an in depth guide to pool cleaning with step by step instructions from prep to finish, and my thoughts on things like wet/dry vacuums and lining the pool with plastic. To read that, go here

If you want to throw away the pool

If you used a small pool and a bucket or less of mess in total, you may be able to simply pop it and put it into a bin bag. If you do this, secure the first bin bag and then add another to be sure of no leaking. I often use three bin bags with this method, and with any other messy things that have to be thrown away.

If you used a large inflatable pool and a large amount of mess, you'll need to scoop out and flush everything before trying to bag it, or it will be too heavy. 10 litres is one bucket, and is the equivalent of 10kg. Even if you are strong enough to lift it easily, you risk the bin bag tearing if the contents are too heavy.

Disposing Of Bulk Leftovers

If you are connected to a normal waste water system

You can flush pretty much everything except oil. If you have a septic tank, please see the separate advice. I have never happened upon a loo that can’t handle mess being flushed down it, but cakey items can sometimes float. Just allow them time to absorb the water and the pieces will flush no problem.

If any appears to be blocking the loo, use a sink or bath tap to fill a bucket with water and pour the water from a height on top of the blockage… wiggle around a loo brush too, or even your hand if it comes to it. Flush after each bucket, and make sure you give time for the loo tank to refill before expecting it to flush again.

Repeat this as necessary and then check after an hour or two that nothing remains in the bottom of the loo. If you are disposing of very thick gunge, it may be better to only half fill your buckets, and mix water into each one so that it becomes runnier and flushes easier.

For mud, you have a few other options too as detailed in this guide

Septic Tanks

If you have a septic tank, you won’t be able to flush leftovers down the loo. Instead you will need a series of bags, and absorbent puppy pads, or wood pellet cat litter, as much as it takes to absorb all your leftovers. Triple bag it all with very strong bin bags, securing each layer, and take it all to your local tip, to the general waste area.

Or for mud/clay - see my specific guide to that here.

Who Am I?

And why do I know stuff?

Well, I'm a UK based WAM producer and sometimes model with 15 years experience. For over 10 of those years I hosted a bonkers amount of wam sessions (3 or 4 a week) and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to do so... however I had to get very good at cleaning up quickly in the fairly small window of privacy I would get, and I had to leave no trace due to living in rented accommodation.

I also had to get inventive with substances and alternatives. I think all my trial and error experiments with WAM now mean there is literally nothing I haven't personally tried and in turn, there's nothing I haven't cleaned up either.

I love when other people go for it and enjoy getting messy, especially if it's because of something I did or said to encourage them. So if you're looking for a sign, this is it.. and with all my articles, I hope to give you the confidence to make your sessions bigger and messier and with a bonus of inner peace, knowing you can easily clean it all up too.

Please share these articles with your favourite wammers, models and content creators or any messy session providers and/or playmates to help give them an easier WAM life.

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Cool Stuff

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